Holloman’s experience in the construction of pipeline for crude oil, natural gas, NGL, refined products, water, and wastewater is extensive. The scope of work is often within demanding environmental settings such as marshlands, mountains, densely timbered or uninhabited regions or high impact urban areas. Our core expertise as a DOT approved Qualified Operator is supplemented by our knowledge of applicable laws and regulations. We are accustomed to working with various materials including PVC-poly, steel, ductile iron, concrete, (CSC) concrete-steel coated pipe, Zap-Lok and fiberglass up to 36 inches in diameter.

Pipeline Construction Capabilities:

  • Optimum selection of pipeline routes based on field survey results and GIS data
  • Front–end and detailed design and engineering
  • Hydrodynamic stability analysis
  • Field inspection and construction management
  • Health, safety and environmental protection
  • Emergency call out
  • Right-way restoration work
  • Hydrostatic testing

 Pipeline Construction Services:

    • Mainline pipeline construction
    • Installation of cross country gas and liquid pipeline projects exceeding 100 miles in length
    • Pipeline rehabilitation
    • Integrity work and anomaly repairs
    • Relocation and line lowering
    • Custom fabrication and installation
    • Installation of stoppling and hot tapping
    • Field gathering