We are a turnkey operator equipped to manage both preconstruction and construction activities.  Our diverse selection of services includes general contracting, construction services and contract management.  Our team has expert knowledge and experience in construction management, project delivery systems and is adept with joint venture projects of any scale.

We work within the public and private sector to address aspects of civil construction such as:

  • Department of Transportation (DOT)
  • Municipality projects
    • Underground drainage structures
    • Utilities
  • Commercial Projects
  • Site Development Projects
  • Roadway Projects
  • Utility Projects
  • Erosion and sediment control
  • Underground Networks
  • New Roadways and Highways
    • Commercial
    • Private
    • Farmland
    • Airport System Runways
    • Municipalities
  • Sand and Hard Rock Quarries
  • Mechanical Stabilized Earth Walls (MSE) and Retaining Walls
  • Oil and Gas Development Projects
    • Access Roads
    • Drill pads
    • Site grading
  • Excavation and embankment
  • Underground drainage structures and utilities
  • Soil stabilization
We understand that the pattern of each project may endure growth throughout the upcoming years.

Which is why our quality workmanship is an intricate aspect of every operation or project.

Holloman places a strong emphasis on preserving the environment in which we live.
Our expertise in construction, development, and contracting allow us to execute projects in a timely manner with “SAFETY 1st “ as our priority.


Construction Capabilities:

24 kilometers of new roadways to connect to the pipeline Right-Of-Way.

Fully-equipped service center on the plant site for over 500 pieces of equipment.

3 rock quarries and approximately 600,000 cubic meters of aggregates for an airport runway project, plant site work , and new road construction and road maintenance.

Two New Bailey Bridges

55 Kilometers of Project Roads